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The simple way to make your business GDPR safe

Smart software
Expert guidance
Data protection insurance

All you’ll ever need to manage GDPR safely

Take the worry out of GDPR

Take the worry out of GDPR

GDPR can be confusing, and the risks of getting it wrong are real. PORT takes the fear out of GDPR, giving you the guidance and protection you need to have confidence you are safe.

Helps you build a safer business

Helps you build a safer business

PORT shows you how you are progressing and guides you to improve. With practical guidance at every step, PORT makes it simple for you to make your business more compliant and safer.

Tackle GDPR with zero-knowledge

Tackle GDPR with zero-knowledge

Now you can confidently tackle GDPR with zero-knowledge. Whether it’s you or a colleague who will lead the process, you can start from the beginning and work your way to safety.

Smart GDPR software

Easy to use software that guides you to become a safer business.

Tells you what to do and how to do it

We’ve broken down the complexities of GDPR into manageable steps and achievable actions communicated in jargon-free plain English.

Makes you safer. Keeps you safe

GDPR is an ongoing responsibility. PORT helps you get compliant and then prompts you to keep on top of what you need to do to stay compliant.

Automatically tailors to suit your business

No two businesses are the same. Save time by following a step-by-step action plan that automatically shapes itself to suit your business.

You don’t need to be a GDPR expert

PORT does the driving. Easy and intuitive challenges break GDPR down into achievable steps. Follow each step towards a safer business.

Expert GDPR guidance

Spend your time building your business, not reading regulations.

Get safe with the help of a GDPR expert

Managing personal data is risky. There are so many things that can go wrong. Having access to our GDPR experts can make your decisions better and reduce the risks to your business.

Guides you through the complexities of GDPR

Your GDPR guide ready to help. It’s like having an expert sitting right beside you, guiding you through the tough decisions and answering your most difficult questions.

Ready to help

On hand, when you need an answer, our experts are on standby to offer guidance when you need it most. Think of us as your expert friend. We’re always there for you.

Have confidence you are doing GDPR the right way

If the regulator contacted you tomorrow, would you be confident you’re doing what you need to? With a GDPR expert on call, you can ask the difficult questions and be confident you’re on track.

Data protection insurance

Managing personal data is a risky business.

Human error

Everyone can make mistakes. It’s all too easy to lose control of the personal data in your organisation. If you manage personal information, then you are at risk. A lost laptop, or an email marketing campaign to the wrong group. It’s easy to do and can be costly.

Investigations and penalties

Something as simple as a disgruntled employee or as severe as a data breach, both can quickly lead to an investigation and the remote but very real possibility of fines. Investigations take up time you don’t have spare, and the costs can ramp up quickly.

Data breaches

Data security incidents are a major concern for those affected and a key area of action for the ICO. Either by unintended disclosure or by error. The risks are high, and the consequences can be devastating. There’s also damage to your reputation to consider.

Business interruption

Data incidents and cyber-threats can cause havoc to your day to day operations. When you suffer a breach or a system failure, the implications can slow or prevent your business from operating normally. Business interruption can be damaging and costly.

Cyber attacks

Companies of all sizes are at risk. Malicious threats like malware, ransomware, spyware and scareware are on the rise. Cyber extortion is also becoming a real threat, even for smaller businesses, and the consequences can be devastating.

Financial crime & fraud

Where there’s money, there’s the potential for cybercrime and fraud. Credit cards and bank information are prized, and the scams and methods of accessing them are many and sophisticated. Financial crime can be very costly for the individual and the company involved.

GDPR just got simple

Start today. Zero knowledge needed.

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